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Note to Scott-A-Hansen


Thanks for the kind words. Just when one gets to feeling 
a bit like a turd somebody says something really very nice. 
You made my day. Thanks.

Yes, I really hate to say it -- 'cause I'm definitely NOT 
an anti-digital luddite -- but nothing (so far, IMHO) seems 
to truly replicate the exact warmth and tone of tubes. 
Even the way they interact with the signal level/harmonic
character of how one plays/picks a string is something
unique. That's why they say half of your tone is also in 
your fingers.

Tone and sound quality are very important to me. At 
the Y2K3 gig in Santa Cruz last month, something in my
rack/signal-chain died and my tone went down the toilet
in a major fashion -- speaking of turds (heheh).

I played as well as I could anyway (or tried to, I hope). 
But it sure was agony when I wasn't getting the tone I 
wanted. Even my "clean" tone was distorted and noisy. It
was most embarrassing -- painful even. Crap . . . I hate 
thinking about it.

I have enjoyed your CDs too (as much for the funky artwork
as for the bizarre cornucopia of sounds). It sure seemed 
like you were definitely having a good time while making 
'em. Some of the sounds are downright hallucinogenic 
all by themselves. Captain Beefheart would be proud. The 
creative cartoonery brings on a smile too. Keep it up.

Best regards,

tEd  kiLLiAn


In a message dated 11/7/03 6:33:06 AM, scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu writes:

>note to Ted K.: been listening to your cd again over the last few days
>and it's making me dread that I sold my zoom tube preamp a few months 
>ago, getting tired of the "digital modeling" when i've been listening to 
>my recent demo projects. Ted, you get some great tones on there 
>(well heck, the playing is downright fab-o-good too), now it looks like
>i need to find a tube replacement gear (ug). oh well...happy fri...