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2 EDPs.

I use a pair of Oberheim EDPs. Call me an idiot, but 
I am still using Loop III software (yes Kim, I AM an idiot). 
I bought Loop IV when it first came out (years ago now) 
but don't have a programmable MIDI pedal to take advantage
of all of its neat(er) benefits "on the fly" so-to-speak.
Consequently, alas, I have not gotten around to installing 
the chips yet. I keep 'em safely tucked away for when 
the time comes in the same packaging they were sent in.

I have owned EH 16-Sec delays, JamMen, Boss 
and DOD/Digitech stomp box delays and all sorts
of other stuff. I have and use 2 Lexicon Vortexes 
but I don't use 'em for looping per se. Having once 
worked for the "World's Largest Music Retailer" 
I have spent plenty of time with Boomerangs and
Zoom pedals and all sorts of other fab units. 

I DO own a DL4. But (so far), I only use it for acoustic 
gigs where I just bring that, a combo amp, volume 
pedal, my trusty Lakewood guitar and a couple of 
decent cables. It's very freeing to leave "The Rack
of Doom" behind sometimes. I don't do that very
often . . . but perhaps I should though. I am getting
too old to do this much longer.

I thought long and hard about getting a Repeater when 
IVL/Electrix were still making them. I encouraged the
drummer I most frequently work with, Bob (Dr. Bob) 
Sterling, to get one and he seems pretty happy with it.
I see and hear some of the stuff that the Walker boys
do with theirs and kinda wish I'd taken my own advice
and bitten the bullet too (back when money was more 
plentiful, heheh).

I am still thinking long and hard about the Kaoss 2.0
pad (I waste too much time playing with it every damn
NAMM show). But really, The 2 EDPs (and the one DL4) 
are getting me by just fine right now. Besides . . . reality 
being what it is . . . the kids ALWAYS need new shoes and 
Christmas is coming (in a little less than 7 weeks now). 

Ho! Ho! Ho! 

tEd  kiLLiAn