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digitech rp100 (2 sec delays)
korg kaoss pad (5 sec sampler-some fun stuff in there)
digitech dsp256xl (1.5 sec delays and love the multi-tap delays)
dod d-12 (my 12 sec loops or 12 sec of delay)
lexicon mpx100 (5.5 sec of delay at 30% repeat, or 2 sec of loops)
tascam porta05 (20 sec of tape loop)

note to Ted K.: been listening to your cd again over the last few days
and it's making me dread that i sold my zoom tube preamp a few months ago,
getting tired of the "digital modeling" when i've been listening to my
recent demo projects. Ted, you get some great tones on there (well heck,
the playing is downright fab-o-good too), now it looks like
i need to find a tube replacement gear (ug). oh well...happy fri...