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Re: BPM & Pitch Shift on Repeater


 They may not be mapping the values using an algorithm, it might be a table
they created that has values that somehow made sense to them. I work for
a company that makes large format digital mixers and we use tables for 
hardware controls (fader for example) to what they control (level) because
an even spread of values (from a calculation) does not 'sound right'. Also,
my calculation only used two decimal places, and increasing the number of
decimal places will change a few of the mappings, but it doesn't shift them
like the number you gave would require.

 I'm going to try and dig up some data on the relationship of tempo 
-> pitch shifting. I'll check the web and ask a few of the dsp guys here
if they have any ideas...


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>Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 23:43:38 +0000
>Subject: Re: BPM & Pitch Shift on Repeater
>From: Paul Greenstein <paul@ubiq.co.uk>
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>Chris - thanks for the txt file. I see what you mean about the zero 
>values, your numbers make sense, the value I mentioned was from the 
>Repeater manual. Possibly the wording is misleading. I will continue