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Re: boom er ranger

> loopists
> obBoomerang:
> love mine, it's the whole show. well... i do play a headrush in the 
> backfield, but the boomerang (2nd gen) takes the front line all the way. 
> a live-performance context, it's the disney magic at my shows.
> however - while working on my current record we discovered that it's 
> on the noisy side. especially when it's not "doing anything" at the 
> it cranks out a bit more than its fair share of hiss. so we've been 
> reconfig'g my setup for each overdub using ONLY what's engaged for each 
> & that means pulling the boomerang out of the chain for many o/d's.
> my $.02
> a:c

So you'd say that your boomerang is noisier than your headrush?

Scott M2