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Re: Just bought a Boomerang...Wow!

I can't seem to find a good setting for the trim knob, but I'm not using 
best mic either. I'll try it with my Sure Beta58A and see how it does with
that. I was hoping to avoid using a line in as normally a miked acoustic
sounds so much nicer.

I was thinking of running the mic through a tube pre-amp to see if that
smoothes things out.

I don't know what you're using now for looping, but I can see why you miss
the 'rang. It's certainly easy to use. I just wish it had some way to 
a freshly stacked loop. We newbies occasionally ruin a complex loop with a
goofed note.


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> << The biggest problem I'm having with it is
> setting a proper level for a milced acoustic guitar. It either sounds way
> too thin or it sounds clipped. >>
> Adjusting the trim knob usually takes care of this. But I found for some
> instruments it seemed better to use a preamp and run it into the rang as 
> rather than a mic in.
> My experience is with the old rang. I sold it a few years ago but I miss
> Might have to get a new one.
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