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Shameless plug: new [īramp] website up and new [īramp] album out

Dear friends,
we are proud to announce the re-launch of our [īramp] website on November 9, 2003. The new address will be
It took us quite a while to update everything and to give it an entirely new content. Some people may have wondered if we as a band have already ceased to exist but this website will hopefully prove you wrong. doombient.com will give you all necessary information around [īramp]. In fact we both, Frank and I, had to cut down our musical activities a little. As you will hear, a lack of new releases does not automatically imply a lack of new ideas.
In order to celebrate the re-launch of the website and to prove that we are still around, [īramp] will be releasing a new album on November 9, 2003. This album will be available in a limited production run of 100 copies only. The album is called "Verbrannte Erde" and contains a live concert we performed at a visual arts happening on a burning cornfield last year in August. Musically, it will appeal to anyone who liked our edgier and more daring music in the past. It is both rhythmic and sequencer-based, but at the same time it features some of the most foreboding ambient music we have come up with so far. More information around the concert and the music can be found on doombient.com.
You can order your copy through our website exclusively. Price per copy is 15 Euro plus shipping (rates may vary depending on where you are located, please check the website for further information or get in touch with us). Orders will be processed as they come in on a "first come, first serve" basis. To make overseas payment as easy as possible we already established a PayPal account as this seems to be the most convenient way for both buyer and seller.

Please notice that the album will not be available before November 9, 2003 and only as supplies last.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. Do you know others who might be interested in our music? Please spread the news and let them know. Thanks for your efforts.
Thanks for your interest, kindest regards,
Stephen Parsick, on behalf of [īramp]