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EDP NextLoop Bug???

Here's my pertinent Parameters...

Source#=36 (factory default)

I am controlling the EDP with a Behringer FCB1010.  I record a loop in
Loop1, hit NextLoop (MIDI Note 44) on beat three of a bar, when the next 
line comes the EDP switches to Loop2 and begins recording, as it should.  I
end the loop by pressing record on beat three of a bar, the EDP quantizes
that press to the next cycle point and begins playback.  This is all fine
and normal and makes sense.

Here's where the problem arises.

I want to get back to Loop1 so I tried  pressing NextLoop four times the 
before I want to be in Loop1, which should go L3, L4, L5, L1 ooo and then
play the loop at the next bar line (the sequence is in 4/4)  But for some
reason it goes on to L4, starts recording, and then in the middle of the
next measure jumps to L5 and starts recording.  Bleh.

So, I tried setting AutoRecord=OFF.  It doesn't hang on L4, and L5 and try
recording to them, but it starts playing L1 on the fourth press of NextLoop
for some reason (all four presses occur in the space of one bar).

If I use DirectMIDI 84 to trigger L1 on beat one of the bar in which I wish
to hear it, the loop triggers late for some reason.  If I trigger it in the
bar before, it starts early.

The only thing that does work is to use SamplerStyle=Att and write a 
(eight bars, which is how long the loop needs to play) note 84 into the
sequencer starting on beat one of the bar.  But, if I'm correct, commands
like SUSMute don't work while

What the hell?