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more for sale: tc electronics d-two, rolls line mixer, harmonizer, and more

hi there,
sorry to bother y'all again, but i added some more
looping-related stuff to my "fall cleaning" sale and
thought somebody here might be interested.

here are my auctions:

what i've got up for grabs:

* TC Electronics D-TWO -- great condition
* Rolls RM203x stereo line mixer -- perfect, $90 no reserve
* 49 key MIDI controller, $40 no reserve
* Digitech Vocalist VR harmonizer-- perfect, $150 NR
* EMU XL-1 Xtreme Lead synth -- $190 NR
* EMU Techno Synth Yard ROM chip
* Vestax DCR1200 Frequency Isolator / Kill Switch / X-over
   --> can be used to remove vocals from tracks!

i am an honest looper/seller who will treat you right.
sorry for the FS spam, thanks for reading.
loop on,

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