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Re: Just bought a Boomerang...Wow!

In a message dated 11/3/03 11:26:12 AM Eastern Standard Time, compguy@bestweb.net writes:

are any
other users out there?

yepper brian.....i love my rang more and more everyday.....perhaps there are not so many "RANG" posts because it is so simple to use, very few problems.....also, i have always maintained that one can not have too many loopers. at present i have several other boxes that loop: zoom 2100 (three 5 second loops available at once), alesis Qudra-Verb 2 (up to 5 seconds of loop.....alesis "ineko'' gives me some loopage.....electrix Mo-Fx's delay is about a 3-4 second looper (i find this to be a very usefull tool) and lastly my CZ-5000 has an 8 trak sequencer (dare i call it a looper?.....:).....none of these items are "midifyed" so they are not insink, never the less, i can have a wild loop orgy with my bad self and my RANG.....i know you will love your "RANG" it will do quite a bit.....how do you have it set up in your system?.....i'd love to hear more rang ideas.....michael