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EMUSIC Monthly Top 20 Report for October, 2003

WDIY 88.1 FM "EMUSIC" Top 20 for October, 2003.
Shows #341 to #345; 2-October-2003 to 30-October-2003
Reported in non-ranked order.
Compiled by Bill Fox

A Produce and Ruben Garcia - Early Sessions - TrancePort
ARC - Blaze - DiN
Bluetech - Prima Materia - Waveform
Cipher - No Ordinary Man - Hidden Art
James Johnson - Linger - AtmoWorks
Jeff Greinke - Weather from Another Planet - FWD
Jeffrey Koepper - Etherea - Air Space
Michael Stearns - Collected Ambient and Textural Works - Fathom
Michael Stearns - Collected Thematic Works - Fathom
Michael Stearns - Plunge - Groove
Michael Stearns - Sustaining Cylinders - Fathom
Michael Stearns - The Storm - Spotted Peccary
Mojave Wind - Ricochet Gathering Mojave 2003 Demo Sessions - none
Radio Massagre International - Solid States - Northern Echo
Steve Roach - Space and Time - Projekt
Telomere - Astral Currents - Evenfall
Under the Dome - Wot No Colin? - Neu Harmony
Various Artists - Different Skies 2003 - Atomic City
Various Artists - Four A.D. - Waveform
vidnaObmana - An Opera for Four Fusion Works Act 2: Phrasing the Air - Hypnos ++
++ Advanced CDR from the artist
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