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Re: evangelize EDP please

you may well regret asking this question.   i have talked ceaselessly about
this specific topic for years with anyone who would listen and a few who
wouldn't.  this is a subject to which i have devoted huge amounts of study
and thought.   i own both, and after a couple of years of comparisons, i
have to say that the edp is a more intrensically "musical" piece of gear.
in fact, i would refer to the edp as an instrument whereas i would refer to
the repeater as gear.   the audio clarity and tone of the edp is smoother
and it seems like has the ability to faithfully loop input with a wider
range of amplitude dynamics than the repeater.  the repeater is noisier, no
where near as smooth at the loop point, is more awkward in interface, and
infinately more versitile (go figure).   the foot pedal configuration was
also simpler on the edp (for me, anyway).   i find the repeater more
difficult to use in a studio environment, where it's stutters and fluttery
artifacts are much more apparent than in a live venue.
if i had to drop one, i guess it would be the repeater, because though it
can do a whole lot more, the work that i have done with my edp and just my
guitar is much more professional sounding than the work  i have done with
the repeater.   so, despite not being able to even twist the durn delay 
(grrrr) on the edp, for me it finally came down to sound quality.   the edp
sounds awesome.  no doubt.  it is warm and full and loops without the
slightest hint of a pop.   i make a lot of textural soundscapes and this
thing about pops at the loop point is almost a tie breaker right off the
bat, for me.   if you are an ebow player, i bet that you know what i am
talking about.
i say get the edp.


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> I have 3
> Claude
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> Subject: evangelize EDP please
> > Assuming that some people are using both the EDP and Repeater, can
> > someone evangelize a bit about the EDP for me? - or maybe make a few
> > comparisons...
> >
> > I'm tempted to buy an EDP (if I can find one), but as I already use the
> > Repeater, I'm having difficulty justifying it as opposed to buying a
> > new guitar or whatever...
> >
> > Paul
> >