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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V03 #730

Francois LEBRUN <fr.lebrun@free.fr>
Data: Ven 17 ott 2003 12:51:03 Europe/Rome
A: "'Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com'" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Oggetto: EDP in Europe

Hi everybody I am new to LD.
I live in France and it is incredibly hard (if possible at all) to buy looping tools
other than boss RC20 here.
After trying for over 2 months, I finally bought my Boomerang
from a Swiss dealer because there was no way in FR.

Now I am looking for an EDP.

Francois salut

je peux te dir qu'il ya des bonnes nouvelles (au moin je croix... on est jamais vraiment sure...)

the EDP is going to be distributed in Europe by Gibson, who has a new main european dealer
GibMed, based here in Milano.

I just wrote a test for the EDP for the main italian gear magazine.
I still didn't see any in the shops but probably they're going to be soon distributed.

You can try ask Gib Med,
Gibson Med S.r.l.
Via Campania 12 - Z.I. Sesto Ulteriano
20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI)
tel: +39 02 98283838
fax: +39 02 98283839
Email: info@gibsonmed.com

there's also a web site

Anyhow the suggested price in Italy (I guess in France would be the same) are
1326,88 tax included
+ 169,26 for the foot controller

the street price here in Milan it's going to be around 1200 euro (for the EDP)

Questions :
- are there any EDP users on LD who are based in Europe (I'm pretty sure I've seen German emails) ?

me now :-))

but I'm just a debutant. On the list you have people like Steve Lawson (in London)
and mr. Claude Voit in Geneve (who was involved in the project of the software Loop IV)
and they're way out more serious then me in their knowledge of this somehow exceptional tool.

If you have serious problem in getting one, maybe we can try to buy one here and send it to you.

Let's see what happens.

let me know and e-mail me in rpivate, if you want, or call 0039-02-54116266

a bien tot


- would they have info about dealers in their country who would have or could have rapidly an EDP
+ pedal board for sale ?

- would there be by any chance somebody from Gibson USA reading this list who would be interested in
helping french people spend their money on an EDP ? french Gibson network seems to be in complete
reorganisation (mess ?) and not interested at all in helping (been calling my dealer every 10 days for 2 months
now, and he never has info on when he might finally receive the 3 EDPs he says he ordered from Gibson).

For info, the tentative prices my dealer gave me are :
EDP : 1400 euros = $1624
EDP pedal board : 150 euros = $174
which makes the complete thing at $1798.
Sounds quite a lot to me (specially when compared to $800 + $100 on http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ )

Any info on other european dealers with cheaper prices would of course be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance and all the best to all of you.