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Re: The Ambient Ping . . . .

> Woops!  Sorry 'bout that Scott.  Of course I've seen your posts many 
> here, but just somehow never made the connection with Ping.  My bad. . . 
> (still tryng to turn off html before my scroll wheel falls off)
>  SteveK

No problem Steve. Just for your info regarding your previous post,
I do have "plain text" selected for all my outgoing e-mail (no html)
so I'm not sure where the large amounts of html are coming from
in your digest version of the Ping updates, unless it's the URLs
included in the posts. The total size is usually only about 6 or 7kb
and believe it or not, I actually edit down the original updates
which go to Ping subscribers before posting to my e-mail lists
by taking out the 2nd week's details, other Toronto area sonic
events of interest, artists calls for works, blah blah...

I noticed that you had some html in your last post (coloured background)
but as a non-AOL person can't advise you on how to turn it off.
Maybe someone else on the list can...

Scott M2