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RE: Gig report - This past weekend -was- Re: KEEP PINGING US

Dearest Cara,

Congratulations on your great gig!!!!   It's really inspirational to hear
that you went
over so well.

Our own experiences' this last weekend were just wonderful and require a
longer posting
but I'm just exhausted from week's of preparation so I'll put my comments
off for a few days
of much needed r&r.

I'm excited to say that our headliner, Gareth Whittock, will be interviewed
and perform a
full set (!!) on Radio Free Santa Cruz this evening for a full hour.    
been fantastic
hanging out with him (and all the loopers, including the birthday boy,
Michael "Tushak" Klobuchar)
in the past few days.    I took he and his lovely partner, Becky to our
local Goth night last night
and they had a blast meeting all the wonderful wierdos that I love so much

Well, it's off to take Michael to the airport (with much sadness) in a
couple of hours.
I'll sign off right now and nurse that cold that a lot of us seemed to have
this past weekend (Phyll Smith, Andre Custodio, Matt Davignon and newbie,
Craig McCollough whose set actually had to be cancelled do to the fact that
one cannot play a trumpet  with such a head cold.................next time,
Craig, for sure).

yours, Rick Walker