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Y2K3 Gig Report - Comments on COMMUNITY

Well, I managed to make it to Rick Walker's Y2K3 Looping shindig on Sunday,
(played a short set Sunday night), and was amused, educated, and floored by
the few performers I was able to see. I'm only sorry I missed the sets from
Friday and Saturday's lineups.

My reason for posting is to reflect on the 'community' topic that has been
recently dis/cussed.

I had the strange and intimidating experience of following Brian Kenny
Fresno's amazing, manic set, and wish I didn't follow him mostly because I
didn't get to focus my full attention on his manic display of storytelling
and down-and-dirty virtuosity.

Due to my own fatigue level and current mental state, I less than lived up
to my own expectations, cut my set short, and did my best to remain calm,
chill, and enjoy the rest of the night. (No blame here to Brian or any 
outside distractions for my lack of muse... it was all my own internal

Afterward, In the short 2 remaining hours, I was approached by many of the
performers and cyber-friends from this list, (you know who you are!),
receiving healing, reflective, insightful feedback on many different 
I learned a lot about what true community support really is last night and 
can't think of any other group of players and enthusiasts I would rather
hang with. I send my most heartfelt thanks to you all.

Finally, I'd like to thank Rick Walker for his perseverance, his hard work,
and for choosing to take on the task of building a supportive, creative,
inclusive community for all of us to thrive within.

I'll leave the 'real' gig report to those who were able to attend the 

All the best, and see ya all next time...