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RE: Echoplex input issues

regarding the old edp unit, i have an old oberheim edp and i 
made the voltage regulator change suggested on the ld edp pages.
it was real easy and it runs nice and cool now.

later i made the all the other edp page suggested mods
and replaced the crystals.  

i still had occasional weirdness, but after i
added the loop 4 upgrade, everything has been peachy...
i'm betting the eproms weren't seated well or something.

good luck...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Hamburg [mailto:mark_hamburg@baymoon.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 3:06 PM
> To: Looper's Delight
> Subject: Echoplex input issues
> As I noted about a month ago, something is going on with one 
> of my Echoplexes where the input essentially shuts down. The 
> input light glows, but nothing makes it into the loop. After 
> a couple weeks, it more or less mysteriously fixed itself but 
> it's now happened two more times in relatively rapid 
> succession. Each time I've gotten in back by booting up with 
> the parameter and record buttons pressed, but even this 
> hasn't always worked. Is there a reliable way to reboot the 
> machine when it happens? Is there a specific hardware problem 
> I should be worrying about?
> I've exchanged sporadic e-mail with Shane at Gibson, but I'd 
> like to find an answer or a work around that made me more 
> confident for Friday's show. I can swap back to my older EDP, 
> but it has heat sensitivity problems.
> Thanks.
> Mark