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conflict, anger and unsubscribing

Hey everybody,

I get a little concerned when I here of people wanting to unsubscribe from
this list
whenever anger or fights erupt.

These outbursts of negativity hurt me too, but there are several things we
can do about it.

Remember that you can filter out specific posters in your e-mail browser.

If there is a particular person who gets your goat all the
time...............just filter him/her out.

we do this in real life.................we just avoid people who are
negative or hurtful by not
inviting them to our homes or parties..................

Instead of unscubscribing (because this list really is imperfect, just like
any community of
human beings anywhere)..................please remember that you lessen the
by refusing to pariticipate.

the people who thrive on dissension, arguments, fighting, provocation and
put downs of other artists
really win that way.

The other thing to remember is that when we are attacked, we do have to 
at what we are doing.

I've really had to reevaluate how much work I've put into the live looping
scene because people have
attacked me for my work.

I feel at peace with what I"m doing and have pledged to myself to be a
little more aware of people's egos
because of the criticism............It's helped me, I think.

We are a community.......................let's stay committed to being one,
warts and all.

yours,  Rick

ps   Oh yeah,   and why doesn't everyone who's really upset by all this
write a really great and angry looping
piece this week and put it on their next record.
      When I was in London for my first show,  the band that I was opening
for was really rude to me and didn't want to
move their equipment;  both of my main loopers suddenly started having
problems, the venue producer was really
spacey and not really helpful and I got really, really tweaked out and 
about all of it.
      At one point, I said to my wife, "I've never cancelled a show before
because of my emotions, but I"m so angry
that I"m not even sure if I should go on or not."      She said,  "why 
you perform angrily?"
     That stopped me in my tracks............lol..................I went 
and did as angry a performance as I've ever done
(and I used to play punk music back in the day when I was really an angry
young man).   I just raged at the audience
(lol,  in an instrumental way),
     Well,  it fucking blew my mind:    the audience LOVE IT!!!!!    It was
one of my better shows, I think.

I think , in retrospect, that all audiences respect authenticity more than
anything.    To watch an incredibly repressed new age ambient musician
playing softly and soothingly can make me want to jump out of my skin.  By
the same token, to see a rough and tough, angry industrial noise artist
unable to ever express anything soft is also really unnerving and

just my two cents