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Re: bridge burning - moderation

I would tend to agree with Tim's assessment that this list lacks 
LD is a very uncomfortable place to be for people just looking for 
informative and/or entertaining discussion. I suspect many people, like 
stay on and try to tune out or ignore the flare-ups - or unsubscribe. (I'm 
not talking about the "passionate yet informative" contributions, just the 
really senseless and irrelevant ones). I think it would be nice to have 
a little bit of moderation.


>From: Fsksync@aol.com
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: bridge burning (was Re: electrix repeater wanted)
>Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 13:17:12 EDT
>Whatever, Mark, or whoever relayed this email.
>WHENEVER any bad vibes are on this list, Mr. Mark "look at me" Sottilaro
>seems to be right behind it. Maybe you think you are funny. Maybe some 
>think you are funny. I think you have a very big problem, and I don't 
>a shit
>what you think about me, looping, music, or anything at all.
>I think you are a very big Prima Donna, probably into music for all the 
>Anyway you slice it, I don't want to know you, hear what you have to say
>about anything, and most of all I wouldn't have your music in my ears, at 
>Now, THAT's community!
>Usually it's the "list moderator" 's job to reel in assholes like you, 
>but as we all know, Kim thrives on conflict, and likes to see bad vibes 
>around the knuckleheads. That's his perogative- it's his list.
>I don't think you are funny at all. I think you are very sad.
>Ok folks, begin hurling bricks at me now...
>Tim F
>PS Kim- are you enjoying this?
>PPS Mark- I meant it- filter me out of your email (if I don't unsub)
>In a message dated 10/6/03 9:50:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>squidloop@thetentacle.org writes:
> > yawn
> >
> > :::-----Original Message-----
> > :::From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> > :::Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2003 11:05 PM
> > :::To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> > :::Subject: bridge burning (was Re: electrix repeater wanted)
> > :::
> > :::Sigh.  You can't make everyone happy, but you can make everyone
> > :::miserable.  I thought the intelligence here would be higher than the
> > :::mean, but boy was I wrong!  Should I spell it out?  OK!
> > :::
> > :::Calling your gig with another looping musician a "Loopfest" and even
> > :::more gall enhanced, "First Loopfest EVER" now that is EGO.  Hello!  
> > :::anyone awake?  TAP TAP TAP IS THIS THING ON!?  If you weren't
> > :::borderline retarded, you'd realize that my one man loopfest was 
> > :::fun at The GREAT RICK WALKER (who I actually consider a friend)  
> > :::got quite a healthy ego, so I thought a little poke at it would be
> > :::fine.  Since he doesn't seem to be the least bit offended, and has
> > :::actually been corresponding with me off list, I'll assume I'm right.
> > :::If I'm wrong, I guess it doesn't matter as I'm not one of his 
> > :::performers" and frankly the back-patting, self-congratulatory events
> > :::that loopfests actually are don't really interest me much.  I just 
> > :::it weird that you'd elevate some artists to "featured" status when 
> > :::only audience to these events are the people playing them.  Why not
> > :::just say, "good performer" and "filler" and be done with it?
> > :::
> > :::OK, I'm tired of typing, and realize that unless I could somehow do 
> > :::"Flowers for Algernon" type of enhancement on you, you're not
> > :::understanding me anyway.  I don't have a big ego Tim, I'm just not 
> > :::like yourself.  In case you haven't notice from my charming
> > :::personality, I'm not one to be in cliques.  Frankly, I thought Terry
> > :::was a cool guy and was twice the musician most of you are and 
> > :::half the ego.  I was a bit sad when he was driven off because he was
> > :::trying to promote himself, yet when others do much worse, it seems 
> > :::go unnoticed because they're in "the looper clique."  Bah.  I'd be
> > :::humbled to do a show with him any day of the week.
> > :::
> > :::And for my final bridge burning moment (boy am I done with this 
> > :::I'm going to finish it with a little review of Matthais' last album:
> > :::
> > :::Unlistenable.  The man has absolutely no sense of rhythm at all.  
> > :::to knock off the ganja and spend a month with a metronome.  Better 
> > :::drop the guitar for a while and work on a modern EDP and drop that
> > :::frustrated ex musician know-it-all Kim and get someone who gives a 
> > :::to help you develop and market your (brilliant) product.
> > :::
> > :::Man that felt good!  If I had to read one more steller review of 
> > :::thrown together piece of crap (the album) I was going to puke.  I'm 
> > :::saying I'm a great musician, but I'm not trying to get money for it
> > :::either.
> > :::
> > :::So that's that.  The LD list has mostly been a source of anger and
> > :::bewilderment to me for a while and I should have followed my 
> > :::and stayed unsubscribed.  I don't have the disposition for it. LOL!
> > :::
> > :::
> > :::Cheerio!
> > :::
> > :::Mark Sottilaro
> > :::On Sunday, October 5, 2003, at 09:25 PM, Fsksync@aol.com wrote:
> > :::
> > :::> In a message dated 10/4/03 10:36:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> > :::> sine@zerocrossing.net writes:
> > :::>
> > :::> Ah, now who feels like the idiot?  I was trying to interject a 
> > :::> humor but I always forget how few humans understand humor.  Don't 
> > :::> your time responding Jeff, you've made my illustrious ignore 
> > :::>
> > :::> Mark Sottilaro
> > :::>
> > :::>
> > :::>
> > :::> Add me to your filter, Mark, I've already filtered your egocentric
> > :::> displays. Life is too short to have people like you involved in 
> > :::> in ANY way. Go back to your  one "man" looping festival. Maybe 
> > :::> get Terry Blankenship to open for you. You can call it "EGO LOOP'.
> > :::>
> > :::> Yawn
> > :::>
> > :::> Tim
> > :::
> > :::
> >
> >
> >
> >

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