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Re: alesis ineko

--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> i will second that.....mine has been a source of great fun and may i 
> inspiration.....the fuzz patch alone is worth the price.....there are a
> multitude 
> of sounds in this little gem.....i find new sounds everytime i sit down 
> it and all i'm sending thru it is my guitar.....

I've been pretty impressed with mine too, although the "Fuzz" patch has 
thus far
been one of my least favorites...

I keep hearing an odd noise when I tweek the middle knob. It's like it 
noise into the audio signal corrupting what's there. Kind of cool 
sometimes, but
I honestly believe there's something wrong with it. Does anyone else hear 
with theirs? Should I be sending it back to get a replacment while I still 

> they take up no space 
> but im finding it hard to place it close enuf to tweek (and tweek it you 
> can!).....i've just been setting it on my leg as im playing (sitting
> down).....not 
> the best but it works and when winter comes it will keep me 

I've been thinking about making a little plate to fit on a mic stand to 


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