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from what I've seen of cool looping bassists, it doesn't strike me, though
the unnecessary harshness does, as that big of a deal or even something
really wrong. 

if someone said "hey anyone know anyone selling a mellotron, or a vocoder,
would this be wrong too?"

or is it more important who's doing the asking...

on 9/5/03 1:36 PM, Jeff Shirkey at jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu wrote:

>> this bass player with poor English is searching for someone who is
>> selling a 12 string Warr Guitar ,
> I suppose what people are wondering is why you joined a looper's
> mailing list to post a want ad for a bass guitar. You might try
> someplace like Harmony Central, where people regularly post (and
> read) classified ads. I don't know how you found this group, but I
> don't think it'd be going out on a limb to say you're in the wrong
> place for posting such an ad.
> Good luck.
> Jeff