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Re: eh16 question

Thanks for your reply...

> the led @the top of the clock fader blinks in time w/ the click
> as you move the fader up the speed increases  and the clix get so close
> together it become noise.
is it always a regular pattern? continous?

> there is no control for volume of the click unless you hook a pot or
> of some kind to the output jack for the clock.
> from the owners manual:
> the clix click track output(5) appears here. if anything is plugged into
> it,the click track is internally disconnected from the audio output
> circuits.
>  this may be used to drive programmable rhythm units with a "clock in"
> feature, such as the E-H DRM-15."(whatever *that* was...)
>  btw i love my <eh16sec ddl>. i bought it when they came out(my 1st
> in the early 80s and have been using it on and off since then. it is now 
> permanent part of my rig.

> nothin like it in the world.

hmmm wait a few days... ;=)

> --
> stanitarium