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Re: Matthias Grob's New CD I was supposed to review Claude Voit's

Gary, Jon, Ted, Will ,Mark Dan and all

Yes I maybe over reacted but hey I sent 2 cd's to Gary (He got the 1st
one stolen in the car...) so, when :
>Reminds me, I was supposed to review Claude Voit's last release.  That
>very nice . . .  Too much stuff to do--Hey, I need to create product!

I somehow exploded sorry: please end of it.

This review query was specially because my English is very limited and I
searched for some mature english description of my music by guys that I
suppose are somehow "specialists" in the field.
those review where supposed to be used in my English press book (which I
did without anyways)

also those reviews where asked for before sending a professionnal
produced CD (not a CDR) that is distributed in all Switzerland (bar code
and all)

for the future (for my fan's, if some remain) my next album will be an
accoustic guitar album with 80% of my compositions and 2-3 covers
This album that will be recorded in France by Silvio Soave (top
eng/producer) in Oct will contain very little looping and will be a
"Live Playing guitar" album with improv around the canvas of the written
themes. the title will be :"Le son du bois, des cordes, des doigts".
(the sound of wood,strings,and fingers)

you'll hear about it I'll promiss

HAva nice day


PS: saw/heard Massive Attack yesterday night Wow Wow Wow. check them out
if they play near by

> http://www.loopers-delight.com/LDarchive/200111/msg00513.html
> Claude put out a call for review volunteers back in 2001. personally I
> understand his frustration if people volunteered to review it in
> for a free cd and never "got around to it" in almost two years time.
> Jon