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Funny Fresh MP3 posted ;-D

Hi Loopers,

I just had to share this funny thing that happened just a couple of
minutes ago, so I posted it at

This is the live sound of my new stripped down, mixer-less, looping rig.
Simply an EDP, a Repeater and an Akai MFC 42 filter constantly tweaked
with a FCB1010 midi foot pedal.  Here while whacking away on a blues
harp and a mbira (the bass note). My apologises to any eventual REAL
blues harp player on the list ;-)  he, he... This was just for fun, you
know... hitting "rec" to see what's going to happen.

The trick to run the beat-boxing mic through the filter before looping
is something I got from this list. Thanks a bunch, whoever posted that
advice ;-)

And please no reviews ;-))))  

Best wishes

Per Boysen