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Re: Matthias Grob's New CD I was supposed to review Claude Voit's

I learned a long time ago that people you write to on the internet 
should not be confused as your friends.  I have found some good people 
here and in other places (I met my wife on Yahoo personals!) but I 
don't count on it.

I did a review of a CD a while ago where the guy sent out 5 CDs.  I 
seem to remember reading a bunch of reviews of it as well as mine.  If 
you'd still like your CD reviewed I'd do it for you.  No need to send a 
disc if you've got MP3s somewhere.

Mark Sottilaro

On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 02:55 AM, Claude Voit wrote:

> Yeah
> I sent 5 or 6 CDs to LD members all around the world for review and got
> NO fucking review
> Thanks guys
> Claude