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RE: Matthias Grob's New CD I was supposed to review Claude Voit's

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From: Claude Voit


I sent 5 or 6 CDs to LD members all around the world for review and got
NO fucking review

Thanks guys


And I replied shamefully--
Claude sent me TWO CDs so i guess I'd better put some blinking time into
However, the rest of you can feel free . . .
Oh heck, here's the short version!


Claude Voit's See What? is a collection of solo recordings made in the
studio but utilizing no conventional overdubbing.  All of the  
is done live, the same way you would experience it in a concert setting,
using the latest electronic technology.
These 11 tunes encompass a wide range of styles, from folk to jazz to world
beat, featuring Claude playing acoustic and synthesizer guitar.  Claude 
the Echoplex Digital Pro, a piece of gear that enables him to capture his
live playing and fashion it into compositions.  The first piece, 
for example, starts with a simple six note motif that becomes a full blown
dance number 2 and a half minutes into the recording.
The rest of the collection is filled with adventurous and playful moments.
Walking Ben, the fifth track is a Travis-style guitar piece that actually
starts with the sound of a guitar pick being scraped along a wound string
percussively.  This short sample becomes the foundation for a rather
sprightly and much more mellow trip to the country.
Rever devant le plongeoir, the third track, has a "Spaghetti Western" feel;
El Faro, number six, starts with backward guitar, makes a feedback 
and becomes a medium tempo techno track, and Zamazama, the eighth tune, has
an African flavor.
This CD is well recorded and a great showcase for the talents of Mr. Voit.
It would be quite a treat to actually experience this live to "See What"
he's doing to create this rich tapestry of sound.

That's all for now--sorry it took so long, Claude.  So where's the next CD
(just KIDDING)