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Re: footswitchable series/parallel signal routing schemes

I used to use an Akai MX-76 "mixbay" for this. 1RU, 7-in, 6-out, each 
out can have a mix of any or all inputs, and presets can be selected 
by a footswitch or MIDI. Probably long discontinued, but I happen to 
have two them sitting around if you think it would work for you let 
me know off list.

-Alex S.

>I've been trying to come up with a simple way to route
>a couple of loopers so that one footswitch will select
>between running them in parallel, each with their own
>output destination, and with running them in series,
>one (a Headrush) cascaded into another (an RC-20), but
>so far my experiments have been pretty frustrating.
>I find both arrangements equally musically useful, but
>in different ways. With separate signals, I can do
>fades, post-process the loops differently, etc., while
>in series I can do a sort of poor man's 'multiply'
>where several reiterations of a short Headrush loop
>can be resampled into the RC-20 as the bottom layer of
>a much longer loop. It's just not practical to change
>all the patch cords to do *both* of these in the same
>performance, let alone in the course of the same tune.
>I'm not able to buy anything in the neighborhood of a
>$witchblade, and have been trying to do this with A/B
>boxes and splitters.
>Any suggestions?
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