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Re: ReMote25 v. KP2 (was Re: EMU XL-7 thoughts?)

On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 01:06 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> You've also got a Kaoss Pad 2, right?


> How's the XY controller on the ReMote25 compared to the KP2?

Smaller and more limited.  Doesn't light up in cool colors like the 
KAOSS pad II.  Still I have it set to fool with the filters and it 
works really well.  I mainly got the ReMote25 for it's after-touch, 
semi weighted keys and size.  The Roland PC-300 was too big and felt a 
bit cheezy.

> Doesn't the KP2 let you record pad movements for repeated use?


> Can you use that to "motion sequence" an external piece of
> MIDI gear?


> Someone needs to build a MIDI controller keyboard with a built-in step 
> sequencer and a motion sequencer.

Have you looked into the Korg MS2000?  Very cool synth.

Mark Sottilaro