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Re: essential loop recordings

Title: Re: essential loop recordings
was going thru old messages and found michael's (below)

I have to nominate talking heads remain in light  as a seminal record .

I've never read up on it, so maybe I'm wrong, but the grooves on that
album are so tight and machine-precise that I'm sure they used looped phrases
to put the songs together.

maybe some of you musicologist types know more?

what's amazing about that record is you listen to it now (recorded in early 80's, I think), and it still sounds contemporary.



on 6/21/03 7:09 AM, Michael Peters at mpeters@csi.com wrote:

the Loopers Delight 'essential loop recordings' page needs updates. It
contains some essential recordings reviews, but many are still missing. The
page hasn't changed for quite a while now.

So we need your contributions - please write reviews, and send them to me -
but please send in only reviews of recordings that are truly essential. What
is essential? Kim writes,

> they might be recordings where new ideas or techniques in looping were
first introduced, or where looping was first heard in a type of music where
hadn't been used before, or recordings/artists that influenced a lot of
people to become interested in looping or expand their abilities as loopers,

... for other reviews, Kim and I are thinking about setting up a new page
fed by a form which can be used by everyone to type in reviews of their
favorite bands, etc.

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