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Re: NYC trip

Title: Re: NYC trip

hola, NYC loopers and visiting luminaries,

I'd love to come, but am playing at a big contact improv dance thing this weekend out in Western Mass. That should be very cool-- tons of people all there and ready to hear and move.

I checked MapQuest and it's like 3+ hours from where I'll be to NYC. Bummer. Don't think I can do it this time around.

Well, have fun. I'm probably coming to NY in July sometime, so maybe I can meet some of you then.


ghost 7/ Oranje

on 6/27/03 10:17 AM, Tom Ritchford at tom@swirly.com wrote:

>Im just about to set off for home to unpack, repack and go to the
>airport to leave the merry wet shores of england for the (hopefully)
>warmer climes of New York City.
>  to all the boys and girls who will be meeting up at the Loop on
>saturday the 5th i just tought id say how excited i am at the
>prospect of hanging with some other loopers.
>  I hope you can all still make it, and for anyone who missed the
>first post, please feel free to come along and join us at The Loop
>in new york(follow the link for the full address).

I'll certainly be there!  And do contact me before that, there are
tons of things to do next week -- two good shows on Monday and
Tuesday alone.

I might add -- Chama where we loop is small and out of the way but it
IS air-conditioned, which is VERY important when the weather is
disgusting like it is...