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Re: Frisell -> essential loop recordings

The thing about Frisell's music is that it's never static.  One of his CD's
is solo, some are straight ahead jazz, some are experimental, one is a
country / jazz hybrid and some are just plain Bill.  What sets him apart is
that they are all great.

I saw him once live in NYC doing straight ahead jazz.  For various reasons,
it was the best live music I ever saw (also on that day I stumbled into a
Sadowsky Strat that I bought from Roger himself; its since become my
favorite guitar).  I would go far out of my way to see him again.

Anyways, if I had to recommend one CD, it would be the live trio one.  I'm
not sure how much is looped but it amazes me how much quality sound, three
guys can make.  It's a CD where every time you play it, it puts a smile on
your face.

Bill also has a video out that include three of his songs (with the trio),
goes over his equipment and his thought process behind his music.  
his equipment, like his music, Bill's equipment has changed over the years
so what is on the video may not be what he is playing now.


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> Wow, now we've had like 10 different Frisell albums recommended! I think
> this is why I never end up owning any of them, there's too many to choose
> from....
> Can you guys distill it down to one really excellent choice for showing
> his looping? Maybe some of the others can be mentioned in the review of 
> the page, but at least let's choose one to head the list.
> And can one of you guys write a review of it for the page?
> thanks!
> kim
> At 08:59 PM 6/25/2003, Greg Kucharo wrote:
> >I heartily recommend as starter Frisell albums;
> >
> >Quartet
> >Nashville
> >Good Dog, Happy Man
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