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Free Loop Recorder VST (PC)

Hi fellow loopaholics,
...just wanted to let you know about a free VST we just released called LSR Free (LiveSync Recorder Free edition)!  Im happy, as this is a VST I've wanted for quite some time!!  Its great for live use as well as studio.
LiveSync Recorder is a VST FX plugin which lets you capture, preview, and export audio as 1 or 2-bar loops, all in sync with your host's BPM! Thisis a very useful plugin for recording musicians; you can essentially keep only the good parts of one's performance while they jam! It is also a great plug-in for grabbing those "happy accidents" right after they happen.... Never lose that "magic moment" that occurs while tweaking a VSTi or VST FX again....  Audition captured loops in sync with your hosts BPM (click-free previewing!).  Exported Wav's have tiny fades for click-free looping.
You can download this Free PC VST "FX" here:  http://www.devine-machine.com/LSRfree.zip
v1.01 released today -  Optimised CPU use, 48k sample rate fixes, and Devine-Machine VSTi is no longer required.
Best Wishes + Happy Looping!
Steve Duda