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Re: Echoplex w/drum machine question

> It stays in sync as long as I don't hit any buttons
>  except overdub. If I hit reverse it is totally out of
>  sync when I hit reverse to go back to forward again.
>  If I hit half speed it is out of sync when I go back
>  to normal speed. 

...........set Quantise=LOP

> It should stay in sync no matter what.

The EDP will shift a loop a small amount to put it in sync,
but if it's further out it let's it run free.  This allows us
to de-sync and re-sync at will.

Before I became involved with the Loop4 software,
Claude Voit & Matthias spent a lot of time on the MIDI
sync,  maybe a couple of years !
check out Claude's music if you want to see if it works :-)

I did beta testing on a couple of EDPs, and removed the 
brothersync connection to see how they would sync just
by MIDI, ...there was a significant improvement over Loop3,
the machines were more or less phase accurate together
(though not sample accurate like with brothersync) 

....and of course, Kim did a lot of testing, and he's
pretty fussy about such things .

andy butler