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Re: essential loop recordings

  The First Day, and Damage.  as both of them demonstrate,  most amazing,
and very tasteful imcorporation of ambient looping with rhythm, -looping in
a live situation, and looping in context of song structure and vocals.  
  <smile>   I'll write something better later, K?   lol!   



At 01:15 PM 6/24/03 -0700, you wrote:
>At 04:09 AM 6/21/2003, Michael Peters wrote:
>>the Loopers Delight 'essential loop recordings' page needs updates. It
>>contains some essential recordings reviews, but many are still missing. 
>>page hasn't changed for quite a while now.
>>So we need your contributions - please write reviews, and send them to 
>me -
>>but please send in only reviews of recordings that are truly essential. 
>>is essential? Kim writes,
>>>they might be recordings where new ideas or techniques in looping were 
>>>first introduced, or where looping was first heard in a type of music 
>>>where it hadn't been used before, or recordings/artists that influenced 
>>>lot of people to become interested in looping or expand their abilities 
>>>as loopers, etc.
>Hi folks,
>I'd really like to see some discussion of this. What are essential 
>recordings of the past couple decades that have influenced the use of 
>looping in music? The "essential recordings" section of Looper's Delight 
>pretty much stops in the early 80's. Surely something has happened since
>Let's start with the 90's. We've had a few years now to gain some 
>perspective. What were the influential looping recordings of that decade? 
>Surely there was a lot going on. Innovative artists from David Torn to 
>Keaggy to Aphex Twin, an explosion of electronic music, a wide variety of 
>new looping tools being used in many different ways, etc. How about Andre 
>LaFosse from this list, who so many people mention?
>So let's hear it. What were 5 albums from the 90's that you think 
>influenced looping? (or influenced you and your looping.) Can you say 
>something short about each one about what makes it essential listening 
>We can gather up some ideas and the more commonly mentioned items can get 
>enshrined in the "essential recordings" page.
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