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Re: essential loop recordings

At 04:09 AM 6/21/2003, Michael Peters wrote:
>the Loopers Delight 'essential loop recordings' page needs updates. It
>contains some essential recordings reviews, but many are still missing. 
>page hasn't changed for quite a while now.
>So we need your contributions - please write reviews, and send them to me 
>but please send in only reviews of recordings that are truly essential. 
>is essential? Kim writes,
>>they might be recordings where new ideas or techniques in looping were 
>>first introduced, or where looping was first heard in a type of music 
>>where it hadn't been used before, or recordings/artists that influenced 
>>lot of people to become interested in looping or expand their abilities 
>>as loopers, etc.

Hi folks,
I'd really like to see some discussion of this. What are essential 
recordings of the past couple decades that have influenced the use of 
looping in music? The "essential recordings" section of Looper's Delight 
pretty much stops in the early 80's. Surely something has happened since 

Let's start with the 90's. We've had a few years now to gain some 
perspective. What were the influential looping recordings of that decade? 
Surely there was a lot going on. Innovative artists from David Torn to 
Keaggy to Aphex Twin, an explosion of electronic music, a wide variety of 
new looping tools being used in many different ways, etc. How about Andre 
LaFosse from this list, who so many people mention?

So let's hear it. What were 5 albums from the 90's that you think 
influenced looping? (or influenced you and your looping.) Can you say 
something short about each one about what makes it essential listening for 

We can gather up some ideas and the more commonly mentioned items can get 
enshrined in the "essential recordings" page.


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