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Re: Echoplex Pro w/Loop IV and a drum machine

At 12:53 AM 6/20/2003, Terry Blankenship wrote:
>Do you have to use the quantize on the echoplex if you
>are going to use midi'd up with a drum machine and
>want it to stay synced up properly?

It will stay in sync with the drum machine if you use quantize or not. 
Either way it always rounds off the ending of a Record so that it gives 
right loop length according the the midi clock tempo and the 8ths/cycle 

With Quantize off, you can start recording at any time. When you tap 
again to end the recording, it will round off to get the right cycle 
and then stay in sync after that. This is nice if you want sync but don't 
want to be constrained by where the sequencer says the downbeat is.

With Quantize on, the Echoplex starts recording only at the downbeat as 
determined from the midi clock. When you tap Record at a different point, 
it will go into the quantizing wait state. (ooo on the display.) When the 
downbeat comes along it will start recording. When you tap record again to 
end, it will round off to the end of the cycle, same as above. This is 
if you need your loops to Record metrically aligned with the sequence.


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