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Re: my new cd(r) project...'unPLAYable'

oh, i know, staring at computers for work for the last
6 yrs, i'm having a hard time reading small things too....
some day we'll probably be a very blind and deaf race of
humans in our neck of the woods.....

funny, i was listening to andre's cd the other day and
noticed that his insert card is just one square sheet,
and i thought, hmmmm, no folding....that would be good...

>--- Scott Hansen <scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu> wrote:
>>  i'm actually quite proud of that cover.
>>  guess the ole mfa in painting/drawing comes in handy
>>  now and then....
>I got my copy a week or two ago (thanks!), but didn't
>get a chance to listen until last night.
>I really enjoyed the tracks where you were
>experimenting with the endless-loop cassette; nice mix
>of hi- and lo-fi going there.
>The cover art's very cool too, although in low light I
>noticed I had to take my glasses off to read the small
>print. Don't tell me I'm gonna be needing bifocals!
>Shheeeesh, hit 40 and start falling apart!
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