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Re: Music

Thanks. For Entering The Silence:

I started out using two Revoxes like Fripp and Eno.
Feeding the outs of one into the ins of the other and
setting the delay time by how far the tape recorders
were apart from each other. I think I mostly used 4 to
8 sec loops.

Later I used two Electroharmonix 16 sec digital
delays, two Hiwatt 100 stacks, and a pedalboard with a
 Sho Bud volume pedal, Dallas Arbitor fuzz face (or
Big Muff), Vox wah, Electric Mistress flanger, Roland
Chorus, Maestro tube echoplex tape echo, a Les Paul
Custom, and a Stratocaster.

I used a different set up for the Trance Godz CD.
I still had the Electroharmonix 16 sec digital delays
but my pedalboard had changed to mostly TC
Electronics, Roger Mayer pedals, and Fulltone pedals,
with an old Stratocaster, into two Vox AC30 amps.

I am using my Echoplex Pro with Loop IV on the new CD
I am currently working on, and the same amps and
pedalboard I used with Trance Godz.

All the very best!



--- Squid Loop <tentacle_joe@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Good stuff terry.
> Tell us about your setup for "Entering The Silence"

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