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Re: feedback settings

>What have you discovered to be the best feedback
>setting if you are going to use the echoplex to play
>one long improvisation, so you can still hear the new
>things you are playing, while the things you played
>before gradually fade away, and things don't get too
>I'm experimenting myself right now, but have decided
>what setting I like best yet.

The Feedback Pedal is my main tool for structuring the music.
Its full when I am building and feel well with a scene and I reduce 
it to advance and renovate the music.
It can also be used shortly to replace single notes or bring a "wave" 
into to loop.

Maybe you would like doing a search on the mailing archive, we have 
been thinking a lot about Feedback :-)

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org