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Re: guitar synthesizers

  No, not TADA! Insomnia Girl! this time, -just got home  from a gig and am
not quite tired yet, so I thought I'd write.  lol!   The synths that I
like, which track well enough for my tastes, actually aren't technically
synths at all.   The Roland VG series of processors, and GT series both use
harmonic restructuring of the guitar signal to produce synth-like tones,
which track incredibly well, and have great organic feel, and are extremely
  I do thing the GR-30 tracks quite well also, so perhaps the 33 does too.
 -Hope this  helps...   



At 07:09 PM 6/13/03 -0700, you wrote:
>I had a couple of guitar synths many years ago that
>were interesting at the time, but the tracking was bad
>enough for me to eventually give them up.
>I was curious if any has made a guitar synth that
>actually tracks well by now.
>What are the best guitar synths on the market in 2003?
>All the very best!
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