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Re: Subject: Re: midi note??? loop changes on Repeater? Very weird HELP!!!!

AHA!!!!!!!!!! NOW You may be on to something here,  and interesting to note
that you have weirdness with the FCB1010 and repeater... the Boss
drummachine in my setup (pile of crap BTW dont buy it, wish id spent a
little more for another groove thing) also transmits on a possible 3
channels, drums, internal bassline, and external. I have set to 10/11/11 so
as to not use up midi channels, but there may be something in what you
thanks for the clue,
investigations continue...

...its not often we have blazing sunshine here in Oslo, however I am still
in-doors trying every permutation...

And heres a PS:, IM SURE you guys can answer!!!

PS: Is there such a thing as a box which ...um... mutes and unmutes midi
info... just to complicate things in my rig a little more a I wanna insert
some kinda footswitch IN BETWEEN my guitar synth AND external module (Korg
ms2000) so I can set the pitch on the Korg by my Git synth and then 
it just carries on on that note/arpegio/seqence til (STOMP!)... if you see
what I mean??? The Roland GR30 has this function on pedal 4 when you are
arpegiating and I kinda wished it stopped external midi at the same time...
Come on you GR30 owners, i know you're on this list, I've seen you... Im
sure you can help in both my tech questions... what about you Sottilaro, 
seem to have all the gear I have, come on, think man... think!

m  a  r  k        r  e  d

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From: "Robert Michael" <rob_michael_2002@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 7:20 AM
Subject: Subject: Re: midi note??? loop changes on Repeater? Very weird

> CONGRATULATIONS--This is the first time I've seen a
> tech. question go unanswered on this list.  You seem
> to have stumped LD!  I was unable to view your diagram
> for some reason--so this may not directly apply to
> your situation--but I have have encountered a similar
> symptom with the Repeater and have intended to
> document it here ...hopefully you will find this
> useful.
> I use an FCB-1010 to control the Repeater.  This pdl
> brd has a MIDI merge feature that I used to use to
> merge MIDI time code (from a Roland R-70) and the FCB
> commands to the MIDI in of the Repeater.
> Repeater = MIDI ch. 1
> R-70 = MIDI ch. 10  (it can also transmit on 4 other
> channels simultaneously)
> This worked ok for the most part--HOWEVER--I
> discovered that if I used the R-70's Multi-timbral
> capabilties--the symptoms you describe raise their
> ugly head--random loops are cued--there was no
> pattern--nor could this symptom be duplicated in any
> predictable fashion (yes--I made certian that the drum
> machine was not transmitting on the Repeater's MIDI
> ch.).  I had the same result with other mulit-timbral
> drum machines (Boss DR-5 and DR-770)  As long as I
> transmitted only on one MIDI channel, everything was
> fine--but let more that one channel transmit and chaos
> would eventually ensue.
> At first I attributed this to one of the several bugs
> with which most Repeater users live.  Then as an
> experiment, I used an external MIDI merge box as
> opposed to merging with the FCB (I use a simple MIDI
> Solutions 2 in/1 out box).  This solved the problem
> entirely!  In fact--the Repeater has been a MUCH more
> stable machine ever since.
> Hopefully, this will info will prove useful to
> someone...
> After gaining alot of useful info here and on the LD
> site--thanks for providing the opportunity to
> contribute.
> Cheers,
> Rob Michael
> "Play something good...."
> > After re-cabling my setup for a NEW-IMPROVED system,
> (But addmittedly
> > rather complex arrangement that may or may-not have
> a midi loop in
> > it..explanation follows). I have a VERY WEIRD
> phenomena. The "loop
> > select" changes as I play guitar (GR30 guitar
> synth)... So there I am
> > making a groovy loop and suddenly I notice the
> display change loops to
> > seemingly random loops. They dont actually play,
> just cue them up.
> > Now this midi routing DOES mean that the midi out
> from the Guitar
> > synth is getting to the repeater, but how can it
> change loops just by
> > playing the guitar??? I would understand if I was
> changing patches on
> > the synth but NOT NOTES!!!
> >
> > OK I know none of you midi geniui can help without
> further in depth
> > info so i have made a diagram of my rig at
> >
> > www.mark-red.com/midi_setup.swf
> <http://www.mark-red.com/midi_setup.swf>
> >
> > its not as complicated as it looks,
> > It is basically a Electrix heavy looping rig
> (repeater/filter
> > factory/mofx)
> > almost seperated from...
> > a roland GR30 guitar synth midi'ed up to a Korg
> MS2000 rack synth
> > (THRU a Boss drummachine). There is a kinda loop
> here (if you see the
> > diagram) because I want the drummachine to send
> clock to BOTH the
> > git-synth AND the Korg synth (for both their
> in-built arpegiators).
> > however I am ALSO using the midi note from the git
> synth to drive the
> > korg... I KNOW I KNOW I could have
> Drummachine>GR30>Korg synth ... but
> > the korg doesnt seem to GET the clock-outa the
> GR30... Cant find soft
> > midi thru on it...
> > HOWEVER... (sorry this is getting obtuse) IT DOES
> WORK...  the
> > electrix rack synchs nicely to the drummachine and
> the git synth plays
> > at same speed and so does the Korg... luverly
> jubbly... BUT THE
> REPEATER!!!!!!!!!!
> >
> > Anyone enjoy a challenge, spot the problem...
> >
> > Please you guys, I know you're the BEST
> >
> > Mark Red
> >
> >
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> > m  a  r  k        r  e  d
> > www.mark-red.com <http://www.mark-red.com>
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