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RE: echoplex, loop IV, PMC10, questions

Nice story, thank you Neal!

Seems that the best way to experience constant drum speed is to have 
the EDP slave, so it can go out of sync and back in again (ReAlign).
Another corner of the universe!


>There are so many corners of the universe to explore in the EDP its easy
>to take a turn into a mini universe corridor and get 'lost' there for a
>long time. I've been 'stuck' in the Sync = Out place and it's a gas.
>Running with Sync=Out I've been slaving via midi clock drum machines,
>synths and effects off the clock created by the Cycle = 8th of the EDP.
>Create the loop 'acapella' and then when the loop is finished, the clock
>start is sent downstream and the drum patterns start playing.  Change
>the 8th/Cycle values on the fly via Preset change and the drum machines
>can play half time or double, etc for polyrhythms and such.
>The behavior of the EDP sync out is consistent, so when you change a
>loop length via unrounded multiply, for example, the clock will adjust
>It can get a little crazy, but that's half the fun...
>Question: is there a way (or what is the best way) to have the outbound
>clock NOT change time when you change the loop length in the EDP, while
>still sending midi clock out?


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