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Past and Present Loopers

My first exposure to tape looping was musique concrète
from John Cage, Edgard Varese, karlheinz Stockhausen.
Then it was the minimalists like Terry Riley, and
Steve Reich, (It’s Gonna Rain). 

I even tracked down Steve Reich and spent a day
listening to a rehearsal for his 8 marimbas tour and
talking to him and the musicians he was working with.
I tracked down John Cage next. 

My first exposure to looping with the guitar was “No
Pussy Footing” by Fripp and Eno in 1973. 

At the time I recorded my “Entering The Silence” lp in
1985 no one else had released any solo looping guitar
lps besides Fripp. 

I released this at the same time that I was playing
with Robert Fripp and The League Of Crafty Guitarists.
It got great reviews at the time. Robert read one of
them at the dinner table, then looked at me, raised
his eyebrows and said he’d better get to practising. 

Actually Steve Reich was and is my biggest influence
for minimalist music. Fripp just opened my eyes that
it could be done on the guitar.

It is amazing to me to see all of the different people
looping today. Until I joined this list I thought I
was still the only person doing it except Fripp. (I
knew that Adrian Belew had done a little bit of it).

I have been listening to music from the CT Project,
and checking out different looping members profiles
and listening to their music when available. Some of
it is very good. I look forward to listening to
different members music.

Thanks to everyone for tips on the Echoplex and PMC10,
and for sharing what you are looping with.

All the very best!


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