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Re: What are you looping

At 02:49 PM 6/12/2003 -0400, dcoffin@taunton.com wrote:

>Catilyne says:
><loop tools: ....VST-based delay units.>
>Hmmm....Care to say which ones you're using?

I'm actually having pretty good luck with the Lexicon/PSP-42 plug-in 
(barring some sync issues which are largely a matter of getting myself 
the initial learning curve).  Also, there was a beta-test going on earlier 
this year by a few members here on LD for a new piece of looping software 
which was pretty cool, despite a few rough edges.  Haven't actually 
produced anything solid with it, but that's just because it's PC 
only.  While I've got scads of Intel machines lying around, my performance 
computer is a Mac TiBook, so I've got to export anything done on my PC's 
an audio file then transfer it.  A minor annoyance, for certain, but still 
one that impedes the work flow.

>I'm having great results with
>a few Reaktor4 designs, both as fx and as sources.

Kewl!  I'd heard that NI had focused on the FX as one of the highlights 
the new Reaktor, and all the reviews spend a good amount of space praising 
the results.

>I'd be glad to elaborate if anyone is interested; in fact, I plan
>to review Reaktor as a real-time effector soon...

Please do!  For other reasons, I've still got the new Tassman a bit higher 
on my want list than the new Reaktor, but I'm still really interested in 
some of Reaktor's new capabilities -- particularly in the effects 


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