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Re: Let's cause a scene!

sweet jesse ray lucass!

dont fear the reaper and dont seconf guess your agenda. also stay away from
colostomy bags that are too full. i play alone and with others. i can 
count on me being there. when i took this playing thing on full time 10 
years ago i had to incorporate both. you are an amazing bassist. really
good. do both if you can. pshycologically that challanges some players to 
both. it did me at first. you will meet your match in ny. move AWAY from
where you are now. denver would be better for you than the outskirts. looks
like i might be spending some time back in ny come this august. you might
have some company jesse ray! ny is a funny place; more players than perhaps
anywhere else on earth. yet you can walk the same path every day for months
and never see the same two people. its got it all baby...


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> > I suspect many of you are in the same boat. Do you play alone because
> > you like it that way, or because no one else will play with you?
> I am interested in the solo thing for several reasons:
> 1.  The logistics of having a band are a major pain in the ass.  This
> includes, finding and keeping players, organizing rehearsals, making sure
> everyone's happy with the material, has enough solo time, etc.
> 2.  Players who have the technical/musical ability to play what I would
> write are most likely freelancing professionals, and as such are always 
> search of the next big gig.  I have been the guy in the band who secretly
> planned to leave all along at the first opportunity, and I don't ever 
> to be left high and dry.
> 3.  The challenge of really being able to get over all by yourself.  Good
> bandleaders know to surround themselves with great players, because it
> they have to carry less weight themselves.  The one man band thing really
> requires massive amounts of PRESENCE on every level.
> 4.  I am an only child, and as such am prone to the desire to have things
> own way and be the center of attention.  :)
> Sometimes I feel supremely anti-social for going in the direction I'm
> but I am a nomad by nature, and unfortunately it's very hard to 
> an entire band.  I've just spent the last two years living in Colorado,
> am now planning a move to NYC next fall.  I don't know how long I'll 
> but it probably won't be forever.
> I have been in original bands, and miss the experiences of rehearsals and
> composing with others.  I would like to go back to it, but as we all know
> it's difficult to find the right people.
> It would be nice to have other solo weird artists around to bounce ideas
> of.  I know I got a lot out of just going down and watching Jimmy George
> stomp around on his Boomerang for a few minutes.  Next I would like to 
> in a visit to Cara Quinn, if she'll have me.
> -J