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Re: Groove Time Loop CD info!

Hey Rick

not really innovative neither "Live looping"  aproved but they sound
like 100% spam


> Hi,
> Thanks for your email concerning my Groove Time Loop CD.  It's a great
> package and I'm sure you will find it very useful.
> You can use it with any hard disk digital audio software or stand
> sampler.
> Software such as Pro Tools, Logic Audio,Digital Performer, Cubase,
> etc.
> The CDs are audio files so you can record them with any type of
> software or hardware (Roland, Korg, Ensoniq, EMU etc.)
> You can also hear some samples of the loops on my site at
> http://www.ricklatham.com/cd.htm and you can hear some examples of the
> in Acid at:
> http://www.ricklatham.com/acid.html
> I hope this answers some questions for you.
> Don't forget you can order on line with a credit card.
> All the best,
> Rick
> http://www.ricklatham.com