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Re: Echo Pro question/problem

I agree, when I got mine I did a full system reset and I do not have 
that experience at all.

If a system reset doesn't fix it, I say exchange it.


On Saturday, June 7, 2003, at 04:20 PM, Rich R. wrote:

> That sounds like a pretty odd bug to me.  The only
> other thing it could possibly be is that if you're
> using a custom patch, or customized the factory
> preset, to where the delay is turned down when the
> expression pedal is in both extreme positions,
> effectively making the delay silent no matter where
> the expression pedal is set. However, considering you
> already have a DL-4 and know how to use it, I would
> imagine you would have thought of this and accounted
> for it.
> So, I would guess a software bug.  Have you tried a
> full system reset?  Even if it works afterwards, I
> probably would play it safe and swap it for another
> one.
> Good luck!
> --- Ian Popperwell <popperwell@iname.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've finally bought myself an Echo Pro and am having
>> a problem with it that I
>> am sure is a fault but thought I'd check if anyone
>> else has come across it...
>> The problems both relate to the looper's own delay
>> line. I can't get the delay
>> to work in 'real time' (I've used a DL4 for years so
>> know the way it works) -
>> there is no delay applied to the dry signal when I
>> play into it before
>> recording a loop or when in record mode. The
>> delay-related controls  within
>> the
>> looper have absolutely no effect upon the dry
>> signal, however, the delay is
>> applied only to the recorded loop upon playback -
>> this is of course rediculous
>> and intensely irritating. The other thing is that
>> the delays when they do
>> appear, (applied to the loop on playback) are not in
>> sync with the MIDI clock
>> (the main delay programmes all work perfectly in
>> sync and I have the system
>> set
>> up for clocking to MIDI. A while ago, Line6 told me
>> that the Looper's delay is
>> also syncable to MIDI.
>> I can only deduce that I have a faulty unit. Has
>> anybody else had this
>> problem,
>> and is there any system control that I've missed?
>> I'll take it back to the shop on Monday but wanted
>> to check that its not me!
>> Thanks in anticipation of confirmation/advvice.
>> Ian.
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