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Re: Anyone using a laptop for audio recordig ?

Title: Re: Anyone using a laptop for audio recordig ?
Sometimes use my g4 powerbook867 for recording as its portable, however i hate the fan so much I don't use it when i am at home. Track count is more than I would ever use i.e. above 24tracks easily. processing is also way more than I 'need'.
Its a beautiful machine with an annoying fan that comes on when it feels like it.
Anyone know a way to regulate when this comes on/off i have often wondered if I sat it on an ice pack(cloth in between) if that would keep it cool enough to prevent the fan from coming on.

on 6/6/03 8:05 pm, David Swain at d.swain@blueyonder.co.uk wrote:

Im lookig to slim down my recording gear, i use Steinberge nuendo on the pc .
I'm looking into getting a laptop, but i am finding it hard to get any reliable figures on track count, etc

Anyone using a laptop for recording ?

David Swain