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help!!-- mysterious signal chain interactions

Title: help!!-- mysterious signal chain interactions
hi folks--

I've been very much enjoying reading all the spirited discussion lately. Wish I had more time to participate. Anyway, here's a question in the gear realm-- I'd love some input.

I'm finding that almost every single time and place I set up my system, it behaves differently, even though everything is connected in the same way each time. Does this happen to anyone else [or am I just
cursed :) ]

Here's my setup-- I run my bass into a multi-effects processor and a delay box, and then use a splitter to create two signal chains that each have their own looper and each feed a separate amp/ speaker combination.

And here's the kind of thing that happens:

I make a loop on the EDP on chain 1.

I play along with the loop for awhile.

I switch to chain 2 and make a loop on the DL4.

I go back to chain 1 to play live through that amp/ speaker (with the EDP loop still playing)

BUT . . .  when I start playing on chain 1 (with the loop still playing), this time my live playing volume is way way down from what it was before I added the chain 2 loop.

There is no real discernable pattern to the way my signal chains seem to effect each other-- it seems slightly different each time.

Since these two chains are each amplified by separate amp/ speaker combinations, I don't understand why they would effect each other. ???????

Could the interaction be happening in the power strip between the wall and my rig?

I have been looking at these vagaries as just another organic part of the way that I'm playing music as a solo looper (kind of like different conditions each time you go sailing), but I'm also wanting to understand what's going on so that I can control it a bit more if I want to.

Any theories, common experiences and especially solutions would be very welcome.



ghost 7/ Oranje