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Let's cause a scene!

On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 09:20  AM, Jeffrey Lomas wrote:
> I like to find other local loopers, make friends with them, make music 
> with them, go to parties and shows with them, take them sailing, 
> whatever.  The point being that it is FUN to do stuff with people that 
> you like and can easily connect with. It can also be very enriching 
> academically.  I would have trouble believing that my local pursuits 
> could have a negative effect on the global community. If anything, 
> they are beneficial.

I agree that if a global scene is going to exist, many smaller local 
scenes will have to exist as well.  I think you're totally on the right 
track.  I'm totally guilty of not doing anything to promote SF area 
loopers in a performance or friendly relationship.  I'm a loner Dotty!  
It's weird because I live close to both Kim Flint, Gary O and Gary Hall 
and I like them.  I've jammed with Jon El Bizri and Jon Wagner a number 
of times and that's been fun as well... it just seems that we're all 
very busy.

Is part of our problem that we tend to be a solitary bunch?  I know I 
came into looping in a more heavy way upon loosing my band.  (drummer 
joined a country act for cash.  Do you know a sadder tale?)  I have a 
ragtag bunch of friends who meet every friday night for coffee.  Our 
bond is fairly loose, but a majority of us are artists of some kind.  
It's been going for a while and now starts to feel like "family."  
Perhaps we SF area loopers can start something like this?  If every 
major town tried to get something like this going... maybe it could be 

I totally disagree with the fact that the internet can act as 
community.  To a small degree it can, and it does help people get 
together, but the key is to get together.  (I met my wife on the 
internet doing a search on Brian Eno!)  I think the internet is good at 
augmenting social groups, but not a replacement or alternative to them.

So what do you say kids?  Maybe every other week we could pick a 
centrally located spot and just get together for coffee or some beer?  
Let's cause a scene!

Mark Sottilaro